An Inventory is a detailed report showing the condition and contents of a residential property – usually one that is being rented out. Inventories are used for both furnished and unfurnished properties, and form part of the contract between the landlord and tenant.

Check-In / Check-Out

A Check-In report provides a room-by-room record of a property’s condition, state of cleanliness, and an inventory of contents at the start of the tenancy, and forms part of the contractual agreement.

A Check-Out report provides a comparative schedule that identifies deterioration or damage to the property, and any missing or broken contents. Both reports are supported by a catalogue of photographs to help minimise potential deposit disputes.

Mid-Term Inspection

A Mid-Term Inspection report is produced in the middle, or certain point, of the tenancy and is a smaller version of an Inventory. It’s used to review the condition of the property and its contents, check for maintenance work that may need carrying out, and that the terms of the agreement are being adhered to.


Homex is our market-leading app enabling us to deliver the highest quality paper-free online reports to our customers.

With an extensive and comprehensive catalogue of high resolution images, Homex provides lettings agents, landlords, and property service managers with detailed paper-free Inventories, Check-Out, and Mid-Term Inspection reports quickly and efficiently.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

When selling or renting a property, it’s a legal requirement to provide an EPC certificate. It identifies the energy efficiency of the property, provides an estimation of gas and electric costs, and recommendations on improving its fuel efficiency. A number of factors relate to a rating including the building’s age, insulation, and heating methods. The ratings are alphabetical: ‘A’ for the most energy efficient properties, dropping to ‘G’ for the worse performing. These inspections are carried out by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

Keysafe Installation

Keysafe boxes can be installed on a wall to provide secure, lockable storage and hiding of a property’s keys. These installations are ideal for managed properties and those with multiple occupancies.

LRA (Legionella Risk Assessment)

An audit carried out on domestic properties to assess the risk of the Legionella bacteria being present. We will examine every potential risk area, such as taps, showers and water tanks, and make recommendations to the landlord on how to manage the risks. 

MEES Report (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards)

The MEES legislation affects residential rental properties that have an EPC rating of ‘E’ or lower. Landlords are unable to lease a property failing the minimum standards. A MEES report is carried out to advise a landlord of improvements that can be made to increase the property’s EPC rating.

Green Deal

With the introduction of MEES, the Green Deal scheme provides landlords with accessible funding in order to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, particularly if the property has an EPC rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’. An assessment is carried out to see if a property is eligible to apply for finance, which is supported by the private sector.


An accompanied property viewing service on behalf of sales and lettings agents, or a private landlord. This can involve a single property viewing, multiple viewings with the same prospective buyer or tenant, or open days.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are used by agents and landlords to market a property for sale or rent, and allow potential buyers and tenants to visualise its layout before a visit. Careful measurements are taken of each room to compile a blueprint of the whole property.

DEC Certificate

This is an advisory report used to raise public awareness of a building’s energy efficiency, required for units with a total floor area of 250sq m or over that are used in whole, or part, for public use. The DEC report acts in a similar way to an EPC.

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